Small Batch Modern Ceramics for Everyone & Everyday. 

My name is Wendy, I am a California Native, born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland. I have been working on the wheel for over 20 years old years. I graduated from San Jose State University with a BS in Interior Design with concentrations in Spatial Planning and Ergonomics.

Small Batch Pottery, none of my pieces are ever mass produced. I consider most of my pieces to be sisters never twins. Each piece unique in color and form.  I love working in cone 10 and exploring different types of white glazes.

I love making pieces for everyday use.  Inspiration comes to me in all forms.  Watching people use everyday utensils and tableware has always fascinated me, especially growing up in the restaurant industry. 

My son's name and first word + my love of vintage spoons= Instagram handle audricsspoon.

I adore and collect carnivorous plants. My favorite is the Darlingtonia Californica aka Cobra Lily.  

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